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Detroit is a shocking example of "white flight." News Team

“We moved away because of the crime.”

“We moved away because of the noise.”

“We moved because our kids got attacked at the schools.”

These are some of the excuses you hear from millions of middle class white people who have moved, sometimes multiple times, to get away from black neighbors. They are terrified to simply say that they fled the neighborhood to get away from black people. Crime, noise, and bad schools are usually the reasons given. Of course they don’t mention what causes the increase in crime, noise, and the deterioration of their local schools.

Detroit, Michigan is a giant monument to white flight. Just look at these facts.

1) In 2000, Detroit ranked as the United States’ eleventh most populous city, with 951,270 residents. Metro Detroit, is a six-county area with a population of 4,425,110, making it the nation’s eleventh-largest metropolitan area.

2) The city population dropped from its peak in 1950 with a population of 1,849,568 to 871,121 in 2006. In the 2000 census, 70% of the total Black population in Metro Detroit lived in the City of Detroit.

3) Detroit is usually listed as 82% black. However this is the figure on the 2000 census. The figure is much higher now as the US government estimates that Detroit shrank by a staggering 80,000 people between 2000 and 2006! Today Detroit is probably more like 90% and most of the rest are immigrants.

Detroit has lost over half it’s population and virtually all of it’s white people since the 1950s!!!!

4) In the 2000s, 70% of the total Black population in Metro Detroit lived in the City of Detroit. Of the 185 cities and townships in Metro Detroit, 115 were over 95% White. Of the more than 240,000 suburban blacks in Metro Detroit, 44% lived in Inkster, Oak Park, Pontiac, and Southfield; 9/10ths of the African-American population in the area consisted of residents of Detroit, Highland Park, Inkster, Pontiac, and Southfield.

Sources: Detroit 2000 census and 2006 estimate. Click Here.
Detroit Wikipedia Entry. Click Here.

In 2000 virtually everywhere you went in the metro Detroit area, you were either in an almost all black area or an almost all white area. White people have fled from blacks as fast as their feet would carry them. Since Detroit has acquired an all black leadership, the city has deteriorated into a genuine 3rd World cesspool right here in the United States. Pictures of Detroit do not look much different than pictures of major cities in sub-Saharan Africa. Cities built by white colonial powers, but have all deteriorated dramatically since the beginning of black rule.

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