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Detroit: We helped Obama win, now he ignores us. News Team

Obama picks white flight suburb over Detroit!

Obama’s popularity is falling among blacks after choosing to speak in 90%+ white Warren, Michigan instead of 80%+ black.

From Detroit News…

This past Saturday, President Barack Obama addressed the Ghanaian parliament, extending America’s hand to the African continent while condemning corruption and tyranny.

“No country is going to create wealth if its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves,” he said.

He could have been talking about Detroit. And when he came to Metro Detroit on Tuesday, Obama conspicuously did not set foot in the city — the nation’s largest black urban center plagued by corruption, illiteracy and crime. Detroit, it seems, is less Ghana and more gangrene in the national political consciousness. And with the presidential snub, Obama appears to have fanned the feelings of hopelessness and isolation in the city.

“We’re black and he got our vote quite frankly because many of us voted for him because he is black,” said Karsem McCurtis on Tuesday, whose family owns Conner’s Food, just a stone’s throw from the Wayne County Community College campus on Detroit’s east side. As it happened, Obama chose Macomb Community College in Warren to unveil a national education initiative.

“It would have been good for him to come,” said McCurtis, whose building is painted with an Obama mural. “But he’s got our vote locked up, and he’s not going to get much play coming to a black city full of corrupt politicians.”

McCurtis makes the obvious point about a city that has become the nation’s punch line: Kwame Kilpatrick, Monica Conyers, school officials stealing millions from the children, a murder rate that tops the nation, an illiteracy rate of 50 percent and tens of thousands of crumbling buildings. The list goes on.

The White House said it had no comment as to the reason for the president’s fly-by of Detroit on his first trip to the state since his election, except to say that he wishes he could have spent the whole day in Michigan.

“I have to say I’m disappointed,” said Jerome Smith, an unemployed machinist from Detroit, who was standing at the bus stop at Macomb Community College as the president’s motorcade arrived. “Have you seen him rub shoulders with blacks in this country? On the international stage, yes. South of Eight Mile, no.”

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