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Marxists riot in Hamburg. News Team

Photo Right: Masked marxist thugs set fires and battle police in Hamburg.

Marxist violence exploding in Europe after conservative gains in the 2009 EU elections. Marxists and immigrants, especially Islamic immigrants, have become increasingly violent and often riot across many parts of Europe. This is at least the third extreme left-wing riot in Germany in this year.

An event described by the media simply as “Schanzenfest” ended with thousands of Marxist thugs rioting and attacking police officers. What most “mainstream” media outlets are omitting is that Schanzenfest is a “street fair” for the extreme left-wing. Attracting radical, violent self-proclaimed Marxists, “Anarchists,” and militant homosexual activists.

After dark, about 1,000 plus thugs donned masks and hoods and began a violent rampage. Many threw Molotov cocktails, which had been prepared in advance. Over two dozen police officers were injured and over 80 thugs were arrested. One of the thugs arrested had a timing device in his backpack that appears to have been intended to detonate a large explosive.

On May 1st, radical Marxist thugs rioted in Berlin and hurled Molotov cocktails. On June 21st, Marxist thugs rioted in Berlin a second time and tried to invade the Berlin airport.

Local police are warning communities of more Marxist riots and potential bomb plots.

Photo: Militant left-wing thugs proclaim “No Nation, No Border” in English before launching major riot. The words “linksjugend” at the bottom means “leftist youth.”