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Media Fails to Stir Jacko Hysteria

Despite feverish predictions that Michael Jackson’s funeral would draw nearly a million spectators, a tiny fraction gathered at the Staples Center to bid farewell to the accused serial child molester. Financially strapped Los Angeles spent $4 million dollars and deployed 3200 policemen to control what city officials thought would be a massive turnout. The crowd was so small that the LAPD sent 1,000 cops home early, because they had nothing to do. Click Here.

The press is to blame for this farce. Day after day, the media has fanatically covered the Jackson family and the various preparations for Wacko-Jacko’s funeral. Celebrities and entertainment tycoons solemnly announced they would attend the services, and blubbered about what a tremendous loss the world had suffered. The orchestrated sensationalism that resulted from constant media coverage and hype forced Los Angeles to take drastic measures. But the sizzle turned to fizzle.

No doubt many celebrities are sulking because the funeral glam-o-rama was a flop. Always desperate for attention, Brooke Shields got her picture taken.  However Diana Ross, who Jackson impersonated in his later years, was a no-show. She only performs before large audiences.

(Photo: Embalmed alive.)