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Mega media hypocrisy. News Team

A mostly white private swim club not wanting to be overrun by blacks in Philadelphia is a major national news story. An epidemic of violent attacks on white people, many of which are organized openly on a black website, in Philadelphia is censored and hidden by the media.

A tiny private swim club in a Philadelphia swim club turned down an offer by a black day care, because they didn’t want to be overwhelmed by 65 black children. This is a national news story complete with screams of racism and unelected state bureaucrats threatening to sue the private club for civil right violations.

Meanwhile in the same, and during the same time period, a series of brutal racially motivated attacks on white people by black mobs went completely unnoticed. Even the local media in Philadelphia is covering up the attacks.

Not reported by “mainstream” media:

Philadelphia has been the scene of multiple large scale race riots in which blacks attacked whites at random. The riots were actually organized in advance online using, a blacks-only version of

An arrest has been made in the horrific, near fatal attack on a white man on a bicycle. Notice how the media purposely makes no mention of who the bicyclist was or shows any picture of him. The media as a whole, is working overtime to conceal black on white violent crime.

Once again, had the races been reversed, the Philadelphia riots would have been the biggest news story in the United States for weeks.