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More black on white violence in Cincinnati. News Team

The local media in Cincinnati is treating a brutal premeditated attack that nearly killed a 23 year old lady as a “prank.” Every effort is being made to downplay and soft pedal this horrifying racially motivated terrorist attack. Had the races been reversed, this would be a national news story.

Two black thugs have been arrested for hurling baseball sized rocks at passing cars driven by white people. The attacks took place over several days and all the known victims are white.

23 year old Joyce Baresel, pictured at right, suffered serious debilitating injuries from the attack. Her life has been ruined. The two thugs continued to carry out rock attacks even after nearly killing Baresel. But the media just calls it a “prank.”

At least ten cars were hit by large rocks.

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Photo Left: One of the vicious monsters who carried out the attack. Brutal black on white violence has been commonplace in Cincinnati for at least the past ten years.

[youtube wW9DMb0iVec]