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New Rasmussen Poll. News Team

Arizona to US Government: Stop illegal immigration BEFORE health care reform.

65% of Arizona residents want the border sealed before any kind of amnesty. Only 20% say amnesty first.

51% said seal the border before health care reform. 69% of Republicans and 60% of Independents said seal the border first. 78% of Democrats said health care reform first.

57% say Sheriff Arpaio has “improved the state’s image.” Only 27% said he has hurt the state’s image.

24% “strongly favor” Obama’s socialist health care plan, while 42% “strongly oppose.”


53% oppose Obama’s socialist health care plan. 44% support it. This number is down from 50% as more Americans have now learned what horrors are actually in the bill.

50% of whites say Obama mishandled the Gates arrest. Only 23% of whites said Obama handled it right. 78% of blacks say Obama handled it right.

Americans currently favor the Republican party by 42% to 39%.