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Global leader??? The whole world treats Obama as a joke! News Team

Watch the interaction between Obama and Russian leaders.

[youtube x1C_NWMRs8Q]

Watch the interaction between Obama and Saudi leaders. This is even after Obama bowed to the Saudi king, making him the first American president in history to degrade himself by bowing to a foreign king!

[youtube t439ruGCqRw]

How Japan views Obama. This cell phone was aired all over Japan during the US presidential primary.

[youtube EpH9ALMceGs]

How Obama is viewed in Turkey. Believe it or not, this is one of the most popular news programs in Turkey!

[youtube 4crN7SL5pZE]

How Mexico’s #1 most popular comic book depicted Obama. This comic book was even sold by some Walmarts in the Southwest until this issue came out during the presidential primary and blacks protested. Walmart quickly banned stores from stocking the comic book any more.

Mexico’s president defended “Memin,” a racial caricature of a black boy, and the Mexican postal service recently issued a series of Memin commemorative stamps.