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Obama/Pelosi Health Care: anti-elderly, anti-small business, and anti-White News Team

The elderly have spent there entire lives paying part of their paycheck into medicare. The money is supposed to be waiting for them to pay for health problems and things like hospice late in life.

Instead Obama and Pelosi want to loot the funds that honest hardworking people spent their lives paying into and use the money to provide free health care for people on welfare and illegal aliens.

Under the Obama health care plan the medicare and medicaid funds would be put into one pot for the purpose of looting medicare. The money that was withheld from your grandparents paychecks, over the course of their entire lives, will be looted for welfare queens.

The 1,000+ page document also prominently features language calling for affirmative action in providing services. Since black people are more likely to live very unhealthy lifestyles and die younger, the Obama health care plan says that they should get preferential treatment in receiving services. Services that in many cases will be paid for by the white taxpayers!

The bill would also require that small businesses, including businesses with only one employee, would be required by law to provide health care for that employee. This would be a catastrophe under the present economy. Small businesses are scraping by as it is and can not take this added financial burden.

We were told that Obama would unite the races. This health care bill would be a racial time bomb and pit the races against each other. It would be elderly whites who spent their lives paying into medicare watching the money go to black welfare queens. Small busineses forced to use only contract labor, temporay services, and part timers because they can’t afford to pay for health care.