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Obama's America is awash in brutal black on white crime. News Team

The night of the brutal attack on a white family in Akron, there were ten other white victims treated for attacks. This news has been completely censored by the media and the cowardly Akron police department.

Since the election of Obama in November, crime has been on the rise. The most censored and covered up aspect of our current crime wave is rampant and brutal attacks on white people by blacks.

We have been following the savage mob attack on a white family in Akron. Finally, weeks after the attack, we are just now learning that more white people were savagely attacked by blacks on the same night.

A wolf pack of dozens of blacks ran through the city attacking any white person, man, woman, or child, they could find. All while shouting black power slogans. The cowardly Akron police department lied about the details of the attack on the family and said it was not race related. The Akron Chief of Police was then humiliated when the Mayor went over his head and called the FBI for help.

From Akron Beacon Journal…

Community leaders are now voicing disgust over the attack, which is an example of the city’s ballooning assault rate.

In police District 6, which includes Firestone Park, reports show that aggravated assaults have more than doubled this year compared with 2008.

The increase in aggravated assaults is even more dramatic in other areas of the city.

What happened on Girard Street is also a symbol of Akron’s hushed racial tension. The victims are white; their attackers are black.

The attack has ignited scores of reaction, including a call for justice for the victims by the Rev. Al Sharpton. [Look at this fictional statement that the Beacon Journal threw in. It is completely false. Al Sharpton did not call for justice for the victims. A reporter called the office of Al Sharpton and  a spokesman for his group half-heartedly said the perpetrators should be prosecuted. He then added qualifiers, saying that fictional white attackers should also be prosecuted. However he didn’t actually point out who these imaginary white attackers of black people are. Al Sharpton has never commented on the events.]

From his view, Alchier said there’s more to the story than has been told.

”The newspapers and the news is not telling the entire story. No one is,” Alchier said from his home in Akron.

Those who witnessed the assault or survived it say this was no isolated incident, and the beatings to Greg Alchier and his friend, Marty Marshall, extended farther than Girard Street that night. A third victim is identified in a police report. More are believed to have been treated for injuries.

Case in point, he said: Emergency room personnel at Akron General Medical Center told him that as many as 10 other people were treated for injuries that night after being attacked by a group of teens.

The Alchier family, who have lived in the Firestone Park neighborhood for about four decades, also expressed frustration over the city’s reaction.

During the assault, John Alchier said, he was placed on hold when he called 911 for police. He has filed a complaint about the call with the department, which said it was investigating.

Although police say they are investigating the attack, Alchier said last week that no detective has sought his interview.

”I think it’s completely appalling,” he said.