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Americans disgusted by Obama's shameless racial pandering! News Team

Majority of Americans completely disapprove of Obama’s disgusting racial pandering.

Photo Right: Gates, author of the Signifying Monkey, is a professional race hustler featured on PBS. Gates is half-white and publicly claims to be a descendant of Niall, a 5th century king of Ireland.

A man Obama described as “America’s pre-eminent black scholar” was arrested when he became belligerent with police officers. Police responded to a report of a burglary at a man’s house. When police arrived, the black homeowner calls the police officers “racists” when asked to show his id. The police bent over backwards to accommodate the black studies professor, but he continued to be belligerent. The man was arrested for disorderly conduct, but the charges were dropped shortly after.

Obama used the event as an opportunity to grandstand and pander to his black fan base. Using a prime time news conference to call the officers “stupid,” and declare that blacks are mistreated by the police.

However a poll of over 150,000 internet users conducted by AOL shows that the majority of the public is disgusted by Obama shameless pandering.

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