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Sexually explicit interracial Sprite commercial is a fake. News Team

Photo Left: Max Isaacson of Greencard Pictures.

We’ve received several e-mails about the blatant promotion of black male/white female interracial couples in television commercials. Microsoft is currently airing a mixed race couple in a tv commercial nationwide.

However, the Sprite commercial that many of our readers have e-mailed about is fake. A Sprite commercial posted online starts with a naked white female simulating oral sex on a naked black male. The video is alleged to have been produced by Sprite and aired in Germany.

The commercial was produced by Max Isaacson of New York. Issacson is a radical leftist who has done work for MTV. Owned by Samuel “Redstone” Rothstein, MTV is the most notorious promoter of interracial sex and  “ganster” rap music to its mostly white audience.

A local far-left free paper, The New York Press, praised the fake ad and called it “genius.” Isaacson describes himself as “living the Haisidic lifestyle.” However, his mother was non-Jewish. That disqualifies him from being an actual Haisidic Jew, making him some kind of moronic wannabe.

Isaacson spoke about the ad to the militant homosexual activist “Perez Hilton.” He told him “To be honest I just wanted to get a rise out of everyone.”

In other words it was a hoax ment to gain brownie points with the other creepy leftists in Hollywood.