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Thousands of Chicanos celebrate 4th of July with anti-America rally. News Team

“Mainstream” media censors news of militant anti-white rally in Los Angeles.

Photo Right: A photo of the militant Chicano rock band Atzlan Underground. This band performed at the Farce of July festival.

Thousands of militant Chicanos gathered in Los Angeles on the 4th of July to chant militant slogans denouncing America and white people. They also called for the creation of a new Chicano nation called Atzlan out of what is now the southwestern United States. The event featured a number of radical Chicano rock bands.

The event was organized by Xicano Records and Film, who claim this is the 12th annual event.

(Note: Xicano is a made-up Aztec spelling for the word Chicano. The militant Chicano movement in the American southwest routinely incorporates Aztec imagery. The Aztec were one of the most violent and blood thirsty cultures ever to inhabit the earth. When the Spanish arrived in Central America millions of indigenous people greeted them as liberators. The Spanish led the masses into battle against and defeated the Aztec. It might also be noted that many militant Chicano groups also routinely identify with and romanticize the Palestinians. Many groups openly fantasize about an armed uprising in the US similar to Palestinian militias groups in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.)

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