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Victory in Italy! News Team

Landslide victory for Europe’s toughest anti-illegal immigration law.

The Italian Senate just passed Europe’s toughest anti-illegal immigration law 157 to 124. Italy’s lower house of legislature already passed it last May.

1) Those harboring illegal aliens in their homes face up to three years in prison.
2) Immigrant parents must prove legal status to register a birth.
3) Illegal immigrants must be deported to detention centers in Libya before they can apply for asylum.
4) Illegal aliens will face huge fines and will spend six months in detention centers before repatriation.
5) Outlaws using child panhandlers.
6) Sanctions unarmed citizen patrols to aid local police.

Leftists and Socialists are going absolutely bonkers across Europe. As in the left-wing “mainstream” media. France and Greece have also adopted anti-illegal alien laws in the recent past, though not nearly as tough as Italy’s new law.

Italy began intercepting illegal aliens at sea last May. Also, on June 10th of 2009 Lybian dictator Muammar Ghaddafi made his first Italian visit ever. Last year Italy defied the United States and normalized relations with Lybia in exchange for Libyan cooperation in repatriating illegal aliens from the continent of Africa. Ghaddafi replaced an official anti-Italian holiday with an official Italian-Lybian Friendship day.