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White hating black NC state reps want special treatment for black murderers. News Team

FACT: White people convicted of murder are twice as likely to be sentenced to death than blacks convicted of murder. Source.

Two black NC state reps along with the NAACP are actually trying to pass a bill that would help black murderers escape the death penalty, especially if the victim is white!

They claim that blacks who murder white people are unfairly targeted for the death penalty, and should be let off easier.

To help these race hustlers, the Winston Salem Journal published completely fabricated claims that blacks are unfairly targeted for the death penalty. It is a well established fact that white murderers are significantly more likely to be sentenced to death than black murders.

State reps Earline Parmon and Larry Womble want to excuse blacks who murder white people, because they are anti-white bigots. The message they are sending to black thugs is “kill a white person, get off easy.”

Blacks who commit murder are already getting lesser sentences than white murderers as it is!

Read this shocking story.