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12 year old thug arrested for murder of young lady. News Team

Once again the left-wing media is calling this an attempted robbery. It seems “attempted robbery” is just media code for “white person murdered by a black person.” There was no attempt to rob Babcock. She was sitting inside a car with a friend. A twelve year old monster walked up to the car, stuck a gun in the window, and shot her in the chest.

There is no indication that there was any desire to rob the woman. He just wanted to kill someone. He most likely targeted Babcock, because she was white. Black children often begin spewing anti-white hatred at a young age. They are taught it by parents and older siblings. If you don’t believe it, ask any public school teacher.

Despite being just under 13, the young monster is a hulking 6’2″.

The killing took place in Detroit. At 82% black, Detroit is one of the most dangerous places in the Western Hemisphere. Currently the Obama administration is proposing using tax dollars to subsidize the re-location of blacks in Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta and other cities into majority white suburbs.