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72 year old hero saves the day in Harlem. News Team

A restaurant supply store in Harlem was stormed by four armed black men in broad daylight. A fast acting 72 year old owner turned the tables with a shotgun he had hidden behind a counter.

Three of the four thugs were shot, two died at the scene. The fourth robber is still at large.

There is a very interesting aspect to this story. Normally whenever some violent thug gets himself killed while committing a crime, the media has a pity party for the criminal. We hear about “what a great kid he was.” We are told not to keeps guns around. We are told that if a violent murderous thug confronts us, we should do whatever he says and not fight back.

The general public is not buying any of this crap! Just look at the dozens of comments posted on the New York Daily News website.  They are all praising Charles Augusto as a hero. Click Here.