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A reader from Argentina writes in. News Team

Dear Members of The Council:

I understand your feelings, since my Country, Argentina, is suffering the same problem. Once upon a time a flourishing country, populated by Europeans, now we are being invaded by people form neighboring countries, such us Bolivia and Peru. These people, with scarce education and even less willingness to work, settle in the outskirts of big cities, thus creating slums that can no longer even be driven through. Moreover, most of them suffer form chronic illnesses that they get rid of at our public hospitals, for free. Some of them just come here to get cured, and then go back to their countries, while traditional Argentinians find their hospitals (the ones the pay taxes to maintain) devastated.

The same thing happens at public schools, etc. And the very moment you disagree with their illegal presence here, you´ll be blamed to be “racist”. The fact is many neighborhoods have become unsafe, even in daylight.

It is not a matter of discrimination; it´s a matter of survival: survival of our Christian religion, of our European traditions, and of our right to make our society a little better everyday. That´s why I say I understand your feelings, because the times I traveled to the US, I had a chance to come across true Americans, when I drove to the heart of the Country (Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, Kansas, etc.).

I do believe the more Latinos you include in your Government, the more cases of corruption you´ll see in the near future.

I hope your Council gets more and more crowded with true Americans.

Best regards.

H.C., M.D.