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Black serial killers. Why are they censored in the media? News Team

There is a myth perpetrated by the left-wing media. Since blacks are nine times more likely to commit murder than white men, the media reports “all serial killers are white.”

Some have suggested that white serial killers are better at not getting caught and rack up higher body counts. However, as we have reported on there are dozens of black serial killers with very high body counts in US history. In fact the two group serial killings were committed by the Black Angels of Death in San Fransisco Bay Area. The Black Angels of Death (AKA the Zebra Killers) were a Nation of Islam splinter group who’s members were convicted of murdering 14 white people and wounding seven others. San Fransisco police believe the actual death toll to be at least 71, with some of the perpetrators never being brought to justice.

Lou Calabro, a retired San Fransisco PD Lieutenant gave a speech about the Zebra killings at the 2006 CofCC National Conference.

The Black Angels of Death are probably the most censored and covered up crime story in US history. The media has gone to great lengths to keep the story hidden from public view. Read More.

While blacks are much more likely to commit spree killings, whites and Asians do tend to rack up much body counts. The two worst spree shootings in recent history were both committed by Koreans. One at Virginia Tech and other in Korea.

17 year old female serial killer arrested in Brazil

Brazilian authorities have arrested a 17 year old black girl whom they believed committed 30 murders. The schoolgirl stunned cops by owning up to a serial killing spree that started when she was a 15-year-old.

Watch Video.

Notorious Rhode Island serial killer was also only 15 when he committed his first murder.

Craig Price was only 15 when he committed his first of four murders in 1987. He murdered two white women and two white female children. Rhode Island had to change their state law to keep the young monster in prison. They would have been forced to release him and seal his record at age 21 had the changes not been made.

Price stabbed a corrections officer in the hand last month.