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Black suspect charged with murder of two whites in Akron. News Team

We have been covering the wave of brutal black on white violence in Akron, Ohio. Now a black man has been arrested for the murder of two white people. An elderly woman and a middle aged man. Both died of blunt force trauma inside their home.

Read article and watch video.

We have told you of the cowardly, spineless Akron police department that lied about and covered up black on white racially motivated violence. The mayor of Akron had to go over their heads and request assistance from the FBI because of the refusal by local police to investigate racially motivated violence against white victims. Over a dozen white people were injured and required medical assistance when a black mob rioted and attacked white victims at random. The black attackers screamed black power slogans during the attacks.

When questioned about three of the victims the police declared that it was not racially motivated. They also failed to mention that ten other victims were treated by paramedics the same night. Victims who were demanding a police investigation were being stonewalled by the department.

Now get this!

The mayor was out at a tavern with some friends when they witnessed a man being beaten in the street. (No mention of race is made in the media articles.) The mayor of Akron was put on hold for five minutes when he called 911.

Wouldn’t you think that the police department would be embarrassed? WRONG!Police Union president Paul Hlynsky actually denounced the mayor for getting involved. He claimed the mayor was drunk. Witnesses say the mayor only had one drink. Hlynsky stated that “he should have minded his own business.” He also stated that the mayor “is lucky he wasn’t arrested for disorderly conduct.”

“I called like four times on my cell and got a recording to hold on and I held and held,” the mayor says. “I want you to start to run a tape here so we have a record, so I know what was going on, that there was a hold, because I was trying to call.”

“There’s a guy probably dying right here in front of me,” the mayor said.

To recap. The mayor witnessed a man being beaten in the street. It takes him five minutes to get through to 911. The president of the police union attacks the mayor and says “he should have minded his own business!”

No wonder there are people who are afraid to report crimes or talk to the police!!!!