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Black teens riot at "Back to School" celebration. News Team

Remember when white liberals were promising that blacks would behave and do better in school if Obama was elected president?

A 7,000 person “Back to School” celebration at the convention center ended with hundreds of black teens beating each other up in Kentucky. The fighting spilled out of the center and into the streets.

The event featured several live musical acts. Dorrough, Hurricane Chris, New Boyz, Ace Hood, Yo Gotti, Britini Elise and Kenzo. Free school supplies were distributed at the event. The event was nearly all black.

According to Louisville Courier-Journal, a large group of black teens actually climbed onto police cars to get a better view of the fighting. Police had to treaten them with tasers before they would climb down.

Over a dozen were arrested. This is the third year that the event has been marked by violence! Spineless authorities are blaming the violence on the “size of the event,” instead of the violent thugs that committed criminal acts.