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Camden, NJ authorities prosecute woman for being a bad crime victim. News Team

Recently a white woman was attacked, beaten, and mugged by two black assailants. When she called police, she found herself being arrested! She allegedly used a racial slur to describe her attacker, so the police decided that she was being a bad victim. Apparently she should have described the violent thug who attacked her as “an African American gentleman.”

The authorities actually dragged this woman into court to face a disorderly conduct charge. Fortunately, the jury acquitted her.

The woman who was attacked testified in court that she was left alone and bleeding in the police station. She had to search the station for an officer. When an officer finally showed up, he arrested her and threw her in a cell. She passed out in the cell, still bleeding and traumatized. The officer alleged she used a racial slur to describe her attackers.

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