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Coddling criminals. News Team

Cheyenne Cherry sticks out her tongue at the court and laughs at a one year sentence. Which probably really means a few months. She was originally facing more serious charges, but we are supposed to take pity on her because she’s only 17. Her 14 year old accomplice will get an even lighter sentence in juvenile hall. Look forward to hearing about even worse crimes committed by these two female thugs when they get out.

From New York Daily News

A heartless kitty killer hissed angrily at animal rights activists Wednesday, grinning widely as she took credit for stuffing the helpless pet into a 500-degree oven.

“It’s dead, bitch!” snapped an unrepentant Cheyenne Cherry, sticking her tongue out after a plea bargain that will put her behind bars for a year in the May 6 killing of tiny Tiger Lily.

Cherry, 17, was confronted after her guilty plea in Bronx Supreme Court to charges of animal cruelty and attempted burglary in the May 6 killing at her former roommate’s apartment.

Tiger Lily was left to die inside the blistering oven after Cherry and a 14-year-old friend trashed the apartment of Valerie Hernandez, destroying furniture before stealing DVDs and food.

After her arrest, Cherry told police the cat killing was “just a joke.”