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Crazy Pelosi sees imaginary swastikas. News Team

Extreme left-wing House Speaker Pelosi, who’s grandfather is Jewish, claims that conservative protesters are “carrying swastikas into town hall meetings.”She was referring to opponents of the radical Obama/Pelosi socialized health care plan.

No one else has seen these swastikas. A columnist for the Washington Times called out Pelosi and demanded evidence to support this claim.

[youtube CGzAi4vZqYI]

It is, however, very common to see left-wingers using swastikas at political protests all the time. Left-wing Jewish actress Rosanne Barr even posed for photographs wearing a nazi armband recently (pictured below). Pelosi has probably seen so many of her own radical left-wing supporters using swastikas that she is now imagining them everywhere. I doubt Pelosi would denounce Barr. She’s probably a campaign contributor!