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Criminals having a hard time in Charlotte. News Team

Two thugs have been killed in self defense in the last week in Charlotte. A burglar and a mugger. Both had a long list of previous run ins with the law.

Notice the multitude of comments on the Charlotte Observer website. The public is sick of these thugs and are cheering the use of firearms in self defense.

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The Charlotte Observer is having a pity party for 15 year old thug Marcus Flucker, nicknamed Looney. Flucker along with three friends broke into the home of an elderly couple, tied them and ransacked the house. 76 year C.L. McClure managed to free himself as the thugs were making away with their loot. Marcus Flucker was shot dead in the street.

Friends of the thug Marcus Flucker put up an online memorial for him. It’s titled “RIP Looney A Real East Side Nigga.” The site includes pictures of “Looney” with his pants around his knees and giving gang signs.

Readers of the Charlotte Observer aren’t buying into their “feel sorry for the thug” attitude. Here is what some had to say.

Yeah and by the time the police got there the criminals would have been gone and not one person would have come forward to tell what they saw. If you break into someones home you should be able to shoot to kill. His mother said he was with the wrong crowd. Why didn’t she know who her kid was hanging…

Really i think the guy had every right to do what he did. we keep letting punks get away with this stuff and really what are the police going to do take them home to mommy. Love the fact that the mother says her son was a quote a good kid umm ok then why was he robbing the elderly or anyone for that matter.

WCNC News said tonight that Mr. Flucker did indeed have a lengthy history of run-ins with the law. So you can pretty much forget the thought that this was an aberration with an otherwise good kid. He was on his way to becoming a career criminal.

The world is better off without him. It would be a better place without his buddies too. Just give it some time. They’ll be in the news again… probably over and over again until somebody stops them as well.

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