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Boycott left-wing trash. News Team

Both and run advertisements for “interracial dating sites.” Yet conservative discussion forums are BANNED!

Conservatives should not support these sites or their sponsors.

As many of you know. Myspace has deleted conservative discussion groups for the past several years. Even non-political discussion groups about Confederate history has been deleted without warning. After deleting conservative discussion groups, myspace deletes the user who started the discussion group.

However, every sort of extreme left-wing group or subject is allowed to have discussion groups on these sites.

The irony is that facebook was widely hailed as a more respectable version of myspace for years. Much of facebooks current users consist of people who got fed up with all the trashy content on myspace and thought facebook was a more respectable and mature social networking site. Today myspace has such a bad reputation, that parents groups are campaigning against it and many private schools post bans against students opening accounts on the site. Today, facebook is rapidly becoming just as trashy. Facebook users are now bombarded with the same kind of seedy advertisements, pictures of drunk teenage girls, and rabid left-wing editorial bias that myspace is so notorious for.

Recently a CofCC discussion group on facebook reached approximately 600 members. The group was heavily moderated so as not to give facebook any ammunition to turn against it. However facebook suddenly, and without any warning, deleted it. No explanation was ever given and no e-mails to facebook about the matter have ever received a reply.

Just type the word “marxism” into the facebook groups search engine. You will see page after page full of explicitly “pro-marxist” discussion group. Sites promoting Marxism in different countries, states, or cities. Sites promoting every variation of marxist ideology. None of these groups are deleted by the leftists at facebook. Only conservative groups get the boot.

Pro-interracial dating site advertised on Click here for more information. ( is now running ads for a rival interracial dating site. Facebook also runs ads for seedy Asian mailorder bride companies.)

Fortunately we now have an official CofCC forum to bypass these crude, trashy, left-wing social sites. Click here for the CofCC forum.