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Czech President: Europe threatened by Socialism, loss of freedoms.

From Brussels Journal, Speech by Czech President Vaclav Klaus

The title of my speech then was “Post-Communist Era: Atmosphere of Victory or of Lost Illusions?” We had a mixed feeling at that time. We had quite rapidly liquidated the formal structures and mechanisms of the communist society and successfully established parliamentary democracy and market economy. The question was whether we were building free society based on classical liberal principles or whether we – instead – had fallen into another blind alley of regulated society, of unproductive welfare state, of brave new world of European socialdemocratism and of empty and artificial Europeanism. My answer to that question was that the winner of the transition decade was democracy, not freedom or classical liberalism. Our original slogan: “deregulate, liberalize, privatize” was gradually transformed into a different one: “regulate, adjust to all kinds of standards of the most developed and richest countries, listen to the partial interests of the NGOs and follow them, get rid of your sovereignty and put it into the hands of international institutions and organizations.”

This year we celebrate already the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism and we are again in a reassessment mood. The situation has not changed for the better.

My second visit here was in August 2006. The title of my presentation was “What is Europeism (or What Should not be the Future for Europe)?” (CEP, Center for Economics and Politics, Prague, 2006) Europeism is – for me – an inconsistent, evidently heterogeneous, but in principle neosocialist doctrine, which characterizes the current thinking in Europe. It believes neither in freedom, nor in spontaneous evolution of human society. It is a “conglomerate of ideas” that includes

– economic (or social) views based on the concept of the so called social market economy (which is the opposite of the market economy);

– views on freedom, democracy and society based on collectivism, social partnership and corporatism, not on classical parliamentary democracy;

– views on European integration, which favor unification and supranationalism;

– views on foreign policy and international relations based on internationalism, cosmopolitism, abstract universalism, multiculturalism and on denationalization.

To my great regret, I am afraid the same speech should be repeated today. Europe is more and more dominated by this way of thinking despite the fact that it is an extremely naïve, unpractical and romantic utopism, not shared by European silent majority, but predominantly by European elites.

Looking back, I am slightly surprised that in 2006 I did not mention environmentalism and global warming alarmism as a new threat to our freedom and prosperity. My book “Blue Planet in Green Shackles” – after its Czech, English, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Bulgarian and Italian editions – has since May also its French version with the title “Planète bleue en peril vert.” I would like to thank all those who helped to make this publication possible, most of all Professor Jacques Garello.

Read Entire Speech Here.

Václav Klaus is the second President of the Czech Republic (since 2003, reelected 2008) and a former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic (1992–1997). An economist by trade, he is co-founder of the Civic Democratic Party(ODS). ODS controls 9 of Czech Republic’s 22 seats in the EU, with one seat each held by two other conservative parties and eleven seats held by Communist and Socialist parties. ODS controls 41% of the Czech chamber of deputies and is the leader of the ruling coalition of Czech Republic.

Famous quotes by Vaclav Klaus

“The excessive openness of the West to immigrants from other cultural environments facilitates attacks by radical Islamists in western countries.”

“Multiculturalism is a tragic mistake of western civilization for which all will pay dearly.”

“Multiculturalism is an ideology that says that you should emigrate and to make claim to your civilisation, your group and ethnic interests in the new countries.”

“Global warming is a myth and I think that every serious person and scientist says so. It is unfair to refer to the United Nations panel. IPCC is not a scientific body: it’s a political institution, a kind of non-government organization with green flavor. It’s not a forum of neutral scientists or a balanced group of scientists. Its members are politicized scientists who arrive there with one-sided sentiments and one-sided tasks.”

“Environmentalism as a meta-physical ideology and as a world view has absolutely nothing to do with natural sciences or the climate itself. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with social sciences either. Despite these facts, it is getting fashionable and this process scares me.”

Klaus has challenged Al Gore to an international debate on Global Warming.