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Did Denver DA's office deliberately conceal racial nature of murder? News Team

Three Mexicans, two females and one male, screamed racial insults at  some white ladies in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. Then they rammed Lilian Verdonkschot with their car, killing her. The victims had asked Burger King employees to call police before the murder, and the employees refused (probably Mexicans themselves).

The driver was Nadine Montoya. The green Cadillac she was driving reportedly was used two weeks earlier in an attempt to hit another woman.

Montoya has been indicted for five felonies. However, her two accomplices have yet to be charged with anything. What’s more, the DA office re-wrote the night’s event to censor the racial nature of the incident.

The DA’s office seems set to let two accomplices to a brutal murder (and possibly a second attempted murder) walk, and sweep the whole thing under the rug. Read More in Denver Westword News.

Friends and family of the victim want all three charged with Colorado’s “hate crimes” law. Nation-wide both state and Federal hate crimes laws are almost never applied when the victim is white.

According to the FBI, of all interracial crimes involving blacks and persons white or Hispanic, 84% had a white victim and a black perpetrator. Only 16% had a black victim and white perpetrator. However, the FBI has no Hispanic/Latino perpetrator category, only a Hispanic victim category.

All Hispanic perpetrators are counted as white, but Hispanic victims are counted as Hispanic. So this data really means that 16% of black/white interracial crimes where the victim is black, the perpetrator was either white or Hispanic. Whites are astronomically more likely to be the victim in an interracial crime. However, only 13% of the people prosecuted for Federal hate crimes charges were a non-white who attacked a white victim.