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German Police Union: "Renaissance of left-wing terror." News Team

Germany has been gripped by a campaign of violence by the extreme left-wing.

From Speigel…

In recent months, Berlin has been hit by a wave of arson attacks on cars and increasingly violent left-wing protests. This has led the head of Germany’s police union to warn of a dangerous rise in left-wing terrorism, and to claim that the city of Berlin and its mayor are fanning the flames.

The headlines are there almost every morning: BMW burnt, VW set alight, a Mercedes torched. Almost nightly, somewhere in Berlin, a vehicle is set on fire in what police say are political statements by an increasingly militant left-wing. Around 170 cars have gone up in flamesthis year; and earlier this month, police vehicles became the latest targets.

Additionally, during May Day celebrations this year the traditional scuffle between left-wing protestors and police became unusually violent. Leftists also recently staged a demonstration at Berlin’s defunct downtown Tempelhof airport. What was intended as a peaceful protest against gentrification turned violent and resulted in the arrests of 102 people and the injury of 21 police officers.

The developments this week prompted Rainer Wendt, who heads the German Police Union (DPolG), to conclude that left-wing violence is rising dangerously. He has also criticized Berlin’s politically ambitious mayor, Klaus Wowereit, for being too sympathetic to the leftist cause.

Is Wowereit Fanning the Flames?

“The capital’s mayor is stirring things up against the police and then using (them) his employees as cannon fodder during large protests,” Wendt told SPIEGEL ONLINE, referring to this year’s May Day demonstrations in Berlin when more than double the number of police were injured than the previous year and local police chiefs were blamed for not being more forceful. Not only that, Wendt said, but parts of Wowereit’s administration — the governing coalition pairs the center-left Social Democrats with the far-left Left Party — were openly sympathetic to the left-wing extremists. “That’s not really a shot in the arm for my colleagues. A lot of Berlin police have had enough,” Wendt said.

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