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Hillary shocked by Congo. News Team

Hillary Clinton expressed shock at the horrors she saw in the Congo and called for militia leaders to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

She pledged $17 million dollars in aid money from the United States. Read Article.

Compare the lives of Negros in Africa to that of “African Americans.” While professional race hustlers like Henry Gates scream and cry about imagined oppression, they live like Kings compared to their cousins in Africa. Black people in the United States have the highest standard of living of any black people in the world.

Yet all we ever hear from black leaders in the US are complaints and fabricated tales of imaginery oppression.

Watch this video below. Half way through the video the host becomes the first white man to ever visit a particular tin mine. As soon as the Africans at the mine see this white man they all begin cheering and clapping. White people are equated with food, medicine, protection, and other forms of relief and aid.

[youtube O1FQmUQ1-mM]

Across much of Africa, ethnic Hutu and ethnic Tutsi fight to exterminate each other. The Congo is ground zero. During the colonial period, the two sides were seperated by European troops. This was the most peaceful period in modern African history. After the colonial powers left, the two sides immediately began killing each other again.