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Hollywood. Painting a black face on everything. News Team

Hollywood can’t come up with any original ideas. Every movie is either a remake or based on an old tv show or comic book. If the original show wasn’t full of racial minorities, many of the characters are converted into nonwhites.

At right is the original GI Joe “Codename: Ripcord” toy… a white guy with red hair. Below is GI Joe Codename Ripcord in the trashy new Hollywood GI Joe movie. Can you spot the difference?

Of course Hollywood must also ignore the fact that America’s elite special forces combat troops are overwhelmingly white. This is immediately apparent when you look at Iraq war deaths. 74% have been white, when the United States active duty Army is now 50% non-white.

Surprisingly, the Hollywood movie Blackhawk Down accurately depicted the most elite US special forces as being almost all white. Do not expect many more realistic or historically accurate movies from Hollywood.