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Is America becoming an Authoritarian Democracy? News Team’s coverage of Obama’s iron fist slamming down on Westchester County has generated record volume of e-mails to this website from outraged readers. Many people can hardly believe it. A 64% white county stands in Federal court accused of violating the civil rights of minorities, because too few blacks and Latinos voluntarily moved into small majority white towns and villages in the county. Many of which are heavily Italian and Jewish enclaves.

The entire premise of the case is that because too few blacks and Latinos, acting on their own free will to acquiring houses wherever they wanted, decided to buy homes in tiny Italian and Jewish dominated municipalities. Some great, evil unseen force was at work to prevent these minorities from moving in. We researched this case. The actual way in which the lefties are claiming discrimination happened is because these mostly Italians and Jews maintained their properties too well. By keeping the small towns and villages too nice and limiting sprawl, they kept property values high in these small towns and villages. Because property values were high, blacks and Latinos tended to purchase houses in other parts of the county. For this, the county is to be made to suffer the consequences.

Obama’s deputy HUD director and Obama’s justice department want the county to spend $62.5 million of their own money to build 750 new houses in these small enclaves. The new houses are to be of lesser value than the existing houses. This way the homes will be cheaper as well as pull down the existing values in the neighborhoods where they are placed. The county must then “aggressively market” these new houses exclusively to blacks and Latinos.

Authorities say over two dozen “towns and villages” will be eligible for these “moderately priced” homes. A few have been identified.

Bronxville: A quaint village of 6,500 where 2 out of every 3 residences contains a married couple. This town is home to a Lutheran College run by the Conservative Missouri Synod. Bronxville has committed the atrocious crime of being about 90% white. Talk about racists! These people must be doing something very evil to keep blacks from moving in!

Hastings On Hudson: This village of 7,600 is also a designated recipient of the Federal Government’s iron heel. This village is only about 88% white. Below the 90% mark. However, 4% is Asian which is not a factor in the guidelines. Any town or village with less than 3% Negros and less than 7% Latinos is to be targeted. This racist hatefest of a village needs Obama’s glorious social engineering.

Scarsdale: This village of 18,000 is  nearly 13% Asian. However it is only 4% Negro and Latino. What racists these people are! Obama to the rescue!

We see the heavy hand (some would say iron fist) of the Obama administration assuming new powers at breakneck speed. Some would suggest that America is rapidly moving into an entirely different category of government. That of Authoritarianism or Authoritarian Democracy. Essentially meaning “Totalitarian Light” regime with the veneer or freedom and Democracy.

Theodore M. Vestal of Oklahoma State University–Stillwater has written that authoritarianism is characterized by:

* “Highly concentrated and centralized power structures,” in which political power is generated and maintained by a “repressive system that excludes potential challengers” and uses political parties and mass organizations to “mobilize people around the goals of the government”;

* The following principles:

1) rule of men, not rule of law;
2) rigged elections;
3) all important political decisions made by unelected officials behind closed doors;
4) a bureaucracy operated quite independently of rules, the supervision of elected officials, or concerns of the constituencies they purportedly serve;
5) the informal and unregulated exercise of political power;

* Leadership that is “self-appointed and even if elected cannot be displaced by citizens’ free choice among competitors”
* No guarantee of civil liberties or tolerance for meaningful opposition;
* Weakening of civil society: “No freedom to create a broad range of groups, organisms, and political parties to compete for power or question the decisions of rulers,” with instead an “attempt to impose controls on virtually all elements of society”; and
* Political stability maintained by “control over and support of the military to provide security to the system and control of society; 2) a pervasive bureaucracy staffed by the regime; 3) control of internal opposition and dissent; 4) creation of allegiance through various means of socialization.”

Well, I can hear MSNBC now. “We don’t have rigged elections. We don’t exclude potential challengers.” Well the facts are easy to obtain. We now have election laws designed to maintain the Democrat/Republican stranglehold and make it extremely difficult for challengers outside the two party system. We have McCain-Feingold “Campaign Reform.” Laws that make grassroots activism a criminal offense without going through massive bureaucratic hoopla first. Commentators on both sides of the political spectrum have blasted this “reform” as having a chilling effect on free speech and political activism. Of course there is the obvious money factor. The corrupt incumbents can out raise challengers 10 to 1 because they have massive corporate donations on their side.

Finally we have the blatant cheating. In the past three presidential elections, and probably long before that, mostly black urban precincts universally were the last precincts in their state to turn in results. This was extremely pronounced in the last election. At least three states, North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana had huge multi-point swings for Obama when the last 2 or 3% of precincts were turned in. In many cases rural precinct workers who had to drive long distances to turn in their results arrived hours earlier than black poll workers at black precincts five minutes away. Then when the black precincts results arrive it is an unbelievably large amount of straight ticket Democrat votes. What were the black poll workers doing for the extra hours after everyone else turned in their ballots? Probably mass voting people who were on the rolls, but didn’t show up.

Remember, Obama gave millions to Acorn to “get out the vote.” Obama knew full well that Acorn would organize mass cheating. Acorn is currently under investigation in a dozen or more states for voter fraud. Groups like Acorn get as many people on the rolls as possible in precincts where they know it is highly likely that poll workers will mass vote the no shows on the rolls. Now that Obama is president, the Obama controlled Justice Department is quietly scuttling voter fraud charges against his allies behind the scenes. With the exception of Fox News, the media is covering it up.