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Katyn available on Netflicks. News Team

The Polish film Katyn is now available from your local DVD retailer or mail-based rental service.  Netflicks even has the movie available for instant viewing online.

(If you are not a Netflicks subscriber, this would be a good time to use that free trial coupon you’ve been saving.)

This  movie is phenomenal and quite possibly the first high-budget motion picture about Soviet atrocities,  in this case the slaughter of the Polish officer corp and the intelligentsia by the Soviet NKVD. After WWII, the Soviet occupiers made it a crime to blame the Katyn massacre on the Soviet Union. Those who spoke out were often killed themselves. The Soviet Union finally made a formal admission of guilt in 1990, about one year before it’s collapse.

The movie was made with a budget of 4 million Euros and released in Poland on the anniversary of the Soviet Invasion.

The movie was banned in China and was snubbed by Hollywood. The film won top awards in Poland and from the Italian Golden Globes and the European Film Academy. It also won awards at major Independent film festivals in Denver, Washington DC, and Europe.

The movie is filmed in Polish, Russian, and German with English subtitles.

Katyn (2007) Trailer
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