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Media CENSORS rioting in Chicago. News Team has been receiving e-mails about rumors of sporadic rioting in Chicago last week. The media has been totally silent. One reader e-mailed us to say that he heard on the Chicago police scanner that a “100 person fight” was in progress. The rioting happened last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Three males were shot Sunday morning at 4:50 AM. There were driving through an alley when their car was riddled with bullets. All three are in stable condition.

Now home video has made it’s way online. This has been totally blacklisted, censored, and covered up in the “mainstream” media. This is Obama’s home base.

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More information can be found at

The following information was posted with the video.

Increased police patrols are promised in the area around Leland and Sheridan in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood after “near riot-like” activity in the streets the past few nights.

Video from the area appears to show about a dozen people running back and forth in the street, breaking bottles and yelling. One visitor wrote of “near riot-like gang fighting,” and said that shots were fired Thursday night at about 10:30.

On the Web site, commenters express fear and anger over the activity.

“This is by no means an isolated incident,” reads a comment by Michael. “This same exact scene played out multiple times this Spring as well.”

“We have had 3 nights in a row of this and never in my 10 years of living here have I seen it so bad,” wrote another resident.

“I’m scared to walk my dog after 7:30PM in this neighborhood! Sad!,” wrote “KenmoreResident.”

In the video, purportedly shot Wednesday night, a squad car passes through and tells the crowd to disperse. Later, several marked cars appear. Police later confirmed that one person was arrested. One officer suffered minor injuries.

Residents say its taken repeated complaints to get any action from the city.