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Muslim immigrants riot, attack British Veterans group and random whites. News Team

A patriotic rally by a British veterans group, English and Welsh Defense Alliance, was attacked by a mob of violent Muslim immigrants.

The scumbag reporters at the extreme left-wing UK Daily Mail falsely wrote “right-wing protesters clashed with anti-fascist demonstrators.” In reality a small group of British veterans were attacked by a huge mob of violent Muslim immigrants. The Telegraph has a long history of printing extreme left-wing articles with completely fabricated information.

The violent Muslim thugs also burned Union Jack flags and and attacked other random white people who were not even part of the patriotic rally.

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The group that was attacked is called the English and Welsh Defense Alliance. The group was started by British veterans because of violent attacks by Muslims at patriotic parades. Here is a report from the 700 Club that interviews a leader of the group.
[youtube 0DANUGbwmgE]