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NAACP rushes to defend high profile ganster rapper convicted of murder. News Team

A thug, known by his rap name of “C-Murder,” was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a 16 year old at a night club. The NAACP says he was unfairly convicted and wants a new trial with a blacker jury. The NAACP knows that blacks are refusing to convict fellow blacks in juries across the nation.

The murderous thug C-Murder is the brother of another big name rapper “Master P.” This brother has been recognized by the New Black Panther Party as one of it’s major financial backers.

Two black jurors refused to vote to convict C-Murder. A black woman initially voted no, but changed her vote to yes after the judge sent the jury back for further deliberation. The judge questioned her about changing her vote and she said it was in good faith.

Now she has been interviewed by the NAACP and claims white jurors “verbally abused” her to get her to vote to convict. Ten votes are required for a 2nd degree murder conviction. This case highlights the increasing difficulty in getting convictions for violent black criminals because black jurors are refusing to vote to convict any black person. The NAACP knows that if they get a jury with more blacks, most likely this violent murderer will walk.

Photo Right: 16 year old Steve Thomas was shot to death by “C-Murder” inside a night club.

After the conviction, earlier this month, family members of C-murder screamed and shouted at the media saying over and over that “C-Murder” was a “good boy” and “raised in the church.”

Here are the lyrics to one of this choirboys most successfull rap songs.

Lil’ niggas make the world go ’round
The juvenile is full of lil’ niggas out of every town
And broken homes with no daddy be the first cause
My lil’ homie doing time getting his nuts soft
And ghetto teams packing heat like its legal fool
And pull a G a week, nigga, so f*** school
And mama cry but she shouldn’t let it worry her
Cause every kid can’t be a mother f****** star
My nigga black steal a car in 10 seconds flat
Am I trigger happy cause i’m falling or peel your cap
My cousin rocks smoke weed ’til his mind gone
My homie killer facing life pushing heroine
All he wanna be is just a ghetto superstar
Who f*** bitches, make money and drive cars
Now who’s to blame for my homies getting they money quicker
This one here for my crazy ass lil’ niggas