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OBAMINATION!: Feds order county to build black/Latino only housing in the middle of white neighborhoods. News Team

Housing laws in Obama’s America! White people MUST finance their new black and Latino neighbors says Obama administration! This is textbook Marxism and forced social engineering. All behavior must be regimented by Federal law to bring about Obama’s glorious socialist utopia.

Photo Right: Obama’s deputy director of HUD, Ronald Sims.

Westchester County is 36% non-white. It is known as a wealthy suburban area around New York City. It is also known for large Italian and Jewish enclaves.

However, professional race hustlers with the help of the Federal government are demanding that the county “desegregate” it’s remaining white enclaves!

A deal brokered by the Justice Department and HUD would require the county to build 750 new houses in the whitest areas and “aggressively market them towards non-whites.” The deal would settle an anti-discrimination lawsuit filed by Craig Gurrian, a professional race hustler and financial contributor to Barack Obama.

Gurrian gloated on the internet that it will cost the county $62.5 million of their own money!

“This is consistent with the president’s desire to see a fully integrated society,” said Ron Sims, the deputy secretary of housing and urban development.