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Left-wing MELTS DOWN at Tampa townhall meeting. News Team

U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor held a townhall meeting in Tampa to promote the socialized health care bill. Hundreds of conservatives showed up to voice opposition. A much smaller crowd of supporters came, many of whom were BUSED in by the events organizers. Had it not been for busing in supporters, Castor would have had almost no one on her side!

The hall only held 250 people. Castor and her allies brought in as many leftists as they could, but most of the general public who showed up opposed the bill. Much of the crowd was barred from entering.

At some point the doors off the building were closed. Moments later a group of left-wing thugs exited the building and began attacking conservatives who could not get in and were protesting outside. Inside Kathy Castor and her friends were having a meltdown. They stopped the meeting in the middle and Castor fled to her car.

According to accounts posted on the internet, the goons who attacked protesters outside were from the Castor supports who had been bused in!

[youtube qLpHbD5cy0s]

Too watch video of the meeting, click below.