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The Legacy of Ted Kennedy News Team

Ted Kennedy should have been doing hard time in prison, not ruining America in the US Senate.

The Legacy of Ted Kennedy

A mere mortal probably would have been charged under Massachusetts law with manslaughter, perjury, or driving to endanger — or all of those offenses — and probably would have been convicted and spent time in prison. Because he was a Kennedy, the last surviving of the most noble of the clan, he received special treatment.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court got involved in the handling of his case, ordering that the inquest be closed to the public. The judge at the inquest found probable cause that Kennedy had committed a crime and could have issued a warrant for his arrest but didn’t. The district attorney declined to prosecute him for manslaughter. A grand jury, which was not permitted to see relevant evidence including the inquest judge’s findings, did not issue an indictment.

The family of the victim had been paid off and didn’t pursue legal action. There was no autopsy, but when it was found that there had been blood in her mouth and on her clothes, which was inconsistent with the initial finding of accidental drowning, the family blocked the authorities from exhuming her body to perform an autopsy.

Kennedy pled guilty to one charge of leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury. After his lawyer and the prosecutor agreed that Kennedy should receive probation because of his age, character, and prior reputation, the judge sentenced him to the mandatory two-months incarceration and suspended the sentence.