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Three teenage black thugs face felony charges for terrorizing white girls on school bus. News Team

This is the type of behavior we were all told would cease if Obama was elected president.

Photo Right: 17 year old Ashley Toney. This picture was published in an article about his court appearance in late July. The other two are still awaiting court dates.

Three black thugs are being charged with a laundry list of felonies for assaults, sexual assaults, and other forms of harassment on a school bus. The victims are white. The most shocking thing is that the school is listed as 79% white and only 5% black.

All articles in the “mainstream” media have censored all references to race. From what we can tell, the attacks continued even after the girls started complaining to school officials. An elderly bus driver, Terry Bursch aged 68, has been terminated and also faces criminal neglect charges for not reporting the abuse to authorities.

From WBBM 780…

The three Portage High School boys accused of terrorizing fellow students on their bus route are a step closer to being tried as adults.

The Porter County Prosecutor’s office has filed papers to waive the three from juvenile court to adult court. A hearing is expected in March.

According to the filing, the juveniles are Ashley Javon Toney, 17; Joe Francisco Carnell, 17; and Charles McCloud-Smith, 16. All are from Portage.

McCloud-Smith faces the most charges if charged as an adult, five of them felonies that include sexual battery, attempted sexual battery, two counts strangulation and intimidation. Four misdemeanors include public indecency and criminal recklessness.

Court records state that he’s accused of inappropriately groping one girl, trying to choke and force another’s face to his exposed genitals and making a blowtorch on the moving bus from a can of deodorant and a lighter. The highest felony carries a sentence of up to eight years.

Toney would face three counts of felony sexual battery against three girls and a felony confinement charge, accused of holding her against her will. His three misdemeanor charges would be public indecency, criminal recklessness and disorderly conduct. The highest felony carries a sentence of up to eight years.

Carnell faces three felonies and three misdemeanors. His felony charges are attempted sexual battery, strangulation and intimidation. He allegedly pushed a girl’s head toward McCloud-Smith’s genitals and threatened to kill another girl because he was “sick” of her and said he knew how to kill her and disappear so neither would be found. His misdemeanors are two counts of battery against two girls and criminal recklessness. The highest felony carries a sentence of up to eight years.

The incidents were made known in February when the boys were arrested. They’ve since been suspended.

The family of one alleged victim is filing a civil tort against the Portage Township Schools, the first step in suing a government agency.

The boys’ public defenders have indicated they may ask that trial records be sealed.