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Thug beats toddler, shoots woman in the face, all while on bond for MURDER! News Team

Why are we coddling criminals so they can get back on the streets and commit even worse crimes?

Antoine Wimes is a 17 year old monster. He was arrested last February for shooting a  man to death in Atlanta. The authorities released him on a $250,000 bond.

Wimes decided to do some even worse stuff before he had to go to trial. Together with another 21 year old thug, Wimes invaded the home of his sister’s best friend.

The victim, Shenegua Neely, was shot in the face and torso. Wimes picked up her one year old baby and bashed his head against a wall. Both survive with serious injuries.

When police arrested Wimes he laughed and smiled for the media.

The 21 year old accomplice had a prior record for home invasion.