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Trial underway in gruesome racially motivated slaughter. News Team

The trial for the Christian and Newsom murders is underway. The pair was abducted. Both were gang raped. Both were tortured, killed, and their bodies mutilated. It is one of the most gruesome killings in American history. The monsters who perpetrated the horror simply wanted to kill some white people.

The sinister left-wing media initially censored the story and kept it contained to the Knoxville media. It wasn’t until websites like made a big deal out of it that media outlets outside Knoxville were forced to take notice.

Eric DeWayne Boyd has been sentenced to 18 years as an accessory. Letalvis Cobbins is currently on trial and faces the death penalty. He has also been charged with assaulting a corrections officer while awaiting trial.

WBIR Knoxville is broadcasting the trial live over the internet.

Click Here. The video feed is only active when the trial is underway.

What is especially sickening about the murders is that left-wing website and even some major newspapers have falsely reported that the details of the rape/torture/murders have been “exaggerated by white supremacists.”

In laying out his case for the death penalty against Cobbins, Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols had this to say.

1. Cobbins was a violent criminal before the carjacking turned kidnapping, rape and slaying, having racked up one or more felonies involving the use of violence to the person.

2. Newsom was tortured.

3. Christian was tortured.

4. Newsom was slain to cover up Cobbins’ alleged role in the carjacking, kidnapping, rape and robbery.

5. Christian was slain to cover up Cobbins’ alleged role in the carjacking, kidnapping, rape and robbery.

6. Newsom’s slaying came during the commission of crimes against Christian.

7. Christian’s killing came during and after the commission of crimes against Newsom.

8. Cobbins’ allegedly “mutilated the body of Chris Newsom after death,” the notice stated. Newsom’s body was set afire after he was shot to death.

One Knoxville station even reported that one of the perpetrators left to get Viagra so they could continue raping Christian for a longer duration.