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Two Arkansas Dems forced to distance themselves from Obama and Pelosi as anger grows. News Team

Two Arkansas congressmen, both Democrats, held a forum in Little Rock to gauge public support for Obama’s radical socialist health package. Both men are part of a faction of “Blue Dog Democrats.” Democrats, mostly from the south, that are advocating fiscal conservatism. However the so-called “Blue Dog Democrats” have thus far refused to say whether they support or oppose Obama’s plan.

Those attending the forum overwhelmingly denounced the socialist health care package.

Congressmen Mike Ross and Ric Snyder were forced to distance themselves from Obama and Nancy Pelosi to appease the crowd.

“I’ve said this several times but let me see if I can make it a little more clear,” Rep Mike Ross said. “I don’t represent Speaker Pelosi or President Obama or Barney Frank. I represent the people of Arkansas and I’m not voting for any bill that forces any one plan on anyone, period.”

The only cheering the congressmen received was when Mike Ross said he would never vote for a health care package that includes money for abortions or free services for illegal aliens.