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White taxpayers to subsidize fresh fruit delivery in Detroit. News Team

Detroit, a city that is about 85% black, has no big box grocery store. Every single one has closed down due to rampant theft of products, rampant theft of shopping carts, actual gang violence inside of store, and the inability to even get locals to apply for jobs.

Now the state of Michigan is using taxpayer dollars from the rest of state to subsidize the delivery and sale of fresh fruit to the Detroit citizens who drove their own grocery stores to flee!

Look at the completely absurd propaganda printed in the Detroit News. (Highlighted in bold.)

From Detroit News…

“We don’t have to go to the liquor stores and get dried-up vegetables,” said the 54-year-old Detroiter, while taking strawberries, bananas and grapes her excited daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughter handed off. “For a long time, people around here didn’t have fresh food, and there are children around here that just know food from cans.”

The MI (pronounced “my”) Neighborhood Food Movers, a fresh food delivery program that officially launches Tuesday, is designed to change that for some Detroit residents. Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s office has invested $75,000 in seed money [The money was not an investment, nor was it “seed money.” It a subsidy that will undoubtedly continue and grow, costing even much more in the future.] for the pilot program, which they plan to develop into a larger initiative that will include urban gardens, more delivery services, cooking classes and other programs.

“We needed some way to get fresh produce into the community,” said Kim Trent, director of the governor’s southeast Michigan office in Detroit, who is working with Detroit nonprofits, businesses and other state departments.

“When you buy produce at Detroit grocery stores, the prices tend to be higher than suburban stores. [Notice this totally false statement. Every single big box grocery store in Detroit has fled. The only grocery stores are the small discount places that for the most part are cheaper than the big box grocery stores in the suburbs! Detroit has ten Save-A-Lots alone! The Detroit News are bold faced liars.] We wanted prices that are fair and we wanted it to be convenient for people because of the transportation issue we have in the city.” [What could possible be fair about making white Michigan taxpayers subsidize food for 85% black Detroit. It is not white people’s fault that the big box stores were being used for gang warfare or had thousands in extra costs just to replace shopping carts.]

The program represents a gleam of hope for Detroiters who haven’t had access to fresh produce. [Each Save-A-Lot and the dozens of other small discount grocers all sell fresh fruit in Detroit. This statement is a flat out lie.] A 2007 study concluded that Detroiters had limited access to full-service grocery stores, largely due to a lack of transportation. [This statement is also a complete bold faced lie. People in Detroit have limited access to big box grocery stores, because those store closed down due to violence, theft, and the refusal of locals to work in them.]

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