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Why is Obama afforded so much secrecy? News Team

Much of Obama’s life is a total secret. Even his thesis paper is under lock and key and no one is allowed to see it. (We have seen Michelle Obama’s anti-white black nationalist thesis. She advocates black self-segregation in her thesis, despite the fact that Obama now wants to forcibly integrate white neighborhoods with blacks.)

American Thinker asks, “Why is a president of the United State afforded so much secrecy?”

American Thinker points out that Obama’s birth certificate isn’t the only thing he refuses to show to the public. During the presidential race McCain released every piece of documentation about his entire life (including his actual birth certificate) to the media for review. Previous presidential candidates have done the same. More secrecy shrouds Obama’s past than probably any former president.

To this day, Obama hasn’t released anything! Where is the following information.

* Panahou Academy school records, 5th through 12th grades
* Occidental College records, including financial aid information.
* Columbia University records, including the missing senior thesis and financial aid information.
* Harvard University records, including information on how a student who never wrote anything (that can be found) was elected president of the prestigious law review, and including information on how Harvard Law School was afforded by humble community agitator, Barack Obama.
* Obama’s Illinois state senate records and papers, mysteriously lost.

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