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Why no one is watching MSNBC. News Team

Photo Right: Keith Olbermann has gravitated towards the extreme left since being dumped by ex-girlfriend conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham.

MSNBC, a network owned and operated by major Obama allies, is hitting new lows every day; both in ratings and in poor taste. In this segment, left-wing extremist Keith Olbermann claims that conservative protesters are “political terrorists.” Olbermann goes into a long list of gross exaggerations, falshoods, and outright lies.

Olberman points to one man at one townhall meeting who wore a shirt bearing the name of an insurance company. This one person, he says, is proof that the insurance companies are behind the protests. He doesn’t mention that hundreds of pro-Socialized health care democrats have been pictured at townhall meetings wearing SEIU Union t-shirts and t-shirts for other well financed left-wing groups. Nor does he mention that a well financed left-wing group is posting ads on craigslist offering to hire left-wing protesters for $400 a week.

Olbermann falsely claims that protesters are being organized by the “health care industry,” and compares them to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. However, he leaves out the fact that numerous Democratic politicians have bused in supporters. At the very Tampa, Florida townhall meeting Keith Olbermann shows in the segment, the pro-Socialized health care advocates were bused in. As we reported earlier, some of these bused in Democrats became violent and attacked conservative protesters.

Watch how Keith Olbermann lies about political violence. He mentions violence and arrests. He does not mention that ALL of the violence has been committed by leftists and all those arrested have been leftists.

Notice also how Keith Olbermann grossly exaggerates and then whines and cries about people comparing Obama to Hitler. Calling their enemies “nazis” is one of the most common and widely used tactics of the left-wing. For the past eight years the left-wing compared Bush to Hitler at all of their demonstrations and rallies. Olbermann never complained about the left-wing screaming “nazi” then. The Nazis were the original champions of socialized health care and were heralded as “progressive” when they passed socialized health care reforms in Germany in the 1930’s.

[youtube enfMei9e9bQ]

Part of Keith Olbermann’s left-wing extremism seems to stem from being dumped by ex-girlfriend Laura Anne Ingraham.

Ingraham is a former Reagan speech writer and a conservative talk radio host. Olbermann routinely goes into childish diatribes about Ingraham on the show and denounces her as the “Worst Person In The World.”

How did a former Boston Market spokesman with poor acting abilities get his own prime time show, which he uses to issue immature rants against his ex-girlfriend? Only MSNBC can answer that question. However, I think MSNBC’s poor ratings is an indication that their current format isn’t working out!