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Will Obama/Pelosi use taxpayer dollars to bail out political allies GE? News Team

GE has already received taxpayer money in the bank bailout. They are poised to get Billion more in the cap and trade bill and the health care reform bill. GE owns NBC/Universal which helped Obama get elected.

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General Electric is the third largest media conglomerate in the WORLD!

Many believe the Obama/Pelosi regime will use more taxpayer money to bail out GE if things get worse for the company. GE’s media conglomerate played a large role in getting Obama elected. GE has major ties to the current presidential administration, and is already poised to make billions if the Obamacare socialized healthcare bill passes.

GE owns 80% of NBC/Universal

The other 20% is owned by French water and sewage company Vivendi. This French company was original formed by imperial decree of Napoleon III and eventually became so big it purchased media assets.

Universal was originally the massive music industry conglomerate built by Seagram’s liquor baron and president of the World Jewish Congress Edgar Brofman Sr. His son, Edgar Brofman Jr. was CEO until the conglomerate merged with Vivendi’s media assets.

NBC then merged with Vivendi/Universal to from NBC/Universal with GE 80% owner. Jeff Zucker is the president & CEO of NBC/Universal.

It is well known that Jeff Zucker is a major supporter of Obama and was a financial contributor to Obama’s presidential campaign. Zucker had also been a major friend and supporter of Al Gore during his presidential campaign. Last May Zucker reportedly chastised CNBC hosts Jim Cramer and Rick Santelli for criticizing Obama on the NBC owned network.

The once powerful NBC network hit historic lows in the ratings this year. NBC is now FOURTH PLACE in Prime Time network ratings. Fox, once an underdog network, is in first place.

Among the 24 hour cable news networks, MSNBC is third behind Fox News and CNN.