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16 year black thug barely punished for near fatal assault on white 22 year old lady.

16 year old gets four years for attack that left Joyce Baresel permanently maimed.

A 16 year old monster, who admitted to committing a near fatal racially motivated attack, has been slapped on the wrist by the Cincinnati courts.

The 16 year old was sentenced to four years in juvenile detention. (A badge of honor in much of the black community.) Police released an 18 year old accomplice citing lack of evidence.

23 year old Joyce Baresel was nearly killed and left seriously maimed by a rock hurled at her while she sat in a taxi cab. A group of teenage black males hurled rocks at white people in passing cars on June 14th, 2009 in Columbia Parkway in Cincinnati. Their only motivation was hatred towards white people. The unnamed 16 year old was not charged with a hate crime, and the local media has made the usual excuses.

From Cincinnati Post…

Baresel’s appearance Thursday in court was the first time she talked about her injuries and the details stunned courtroom spectators. The wound refuses to heal, she said.

“After two surgeries my skull is still open for everybody to see,” she said. “I can’t wear a gauze over it because they are fearful it won’t heal. So I can’t go into public or the whole world sees my skull.”

And she’s not done with surgery. She said there are least two to three more ahead.

“My doctors have told me they will do their best to make my forehead and concaveness look as close to a human forehead as possible,” she said.

“You can imagine what it is like to be told that,” she said breaking down.

2001 Cincinnati Race riots. Over one hundreds white were injured in racially motivated attacks. All the perps were slapped on the wrist. Not a single one was charged with a hate crime.

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