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ABC News hustling new anti-white post-Katrina conspiracy theories. Obama sending Justice Department to investigate. News Team

For the past four years, the left wing media has been howling that Katrina aftermath violence did not actually occur! Now, we are supposed to believe that violence occurred, but it was white people killing blacks. The Obama controlled US Justice Department even appears to be supporting this outlandish new tale. Federal agents have been sent to New Orleans to investigate conspiracy theories that whites shot and killed black people.

Photo Right: Black violence stunned the nation after hurricane Katrina pummeled 68% black New Orleans. Now ABC News is running conspiracy theories, apparently supported by the Obama administration, that murderous white death squads were actually committing the worst violence.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, tens of thousands of blacks looted the city. Many shot and stabbed each other. Large numbers of whites, especially tourists, caught in the chaos were victims of racially motivated violence by blacks.

46,000 National Guard troops were sent to New Orleans to restore order.

However the new Obama controlled Justice Department has launched a probe into whether the violence was actually committed by white people. Taking cue from anti-white conspiracy theories that it wasn’t blacks running around killing each other, it was white people killing blacks.

ABC News has picked up conspiracy theories from extremist sources that white “vigilante militias” gunned down innocent black people. The network is supporting the claim with the videotaped interview of a shirtless, front-toothless, publicly intoxicated illegal immigrant from Ireland who has since been deported!

ABC News…

Did vigilante bands of roaming “people hunters” from a white neighborhood pass among the flood waters, shooting 11 black men, as one victim has alleged? A burnt car with a bullet-ridden body inside was found on the West Bank near the 4th District Police Station in the storm’s aftermath. Police fired on civilians on the Danziger Bridge, thinking them looters, killing two.

[The propaganda is already waist deep. First, tens of thousands of white people rushed into the chaos to rescue people. Hundreds of whites used their own personal boats to search for and rescue the stranded, most of whom were black. Second, police were attacked with a hail of gunfire by black thugs on Danziger bridge. Police returned fire killing two and captured several more. The police have been cleared of any wrongdoing in a court of law. The black prosecutor who brought charges against the police has resigned in disgrace and faces a lawsuit over his conduct over the case.]

What actually happened and who is culpable in these incidents is now the focus of probes by the US Attorney’s Office and the FBI. Asked why investigations like these are just now being launched, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin recently explained, “We had a little event called Katrina.”

The New Orleans coroner’s office has counted 23 dead with gunshot wounds to their heads, he says. What happened to these people is a mystery to authorities, he adds.

One focus of the investigations is Algiers Point, a historically white enclave on the West Bank of the Mississippi River. As New Orleans flooded, survivors from the Lower Ninth Ward came across on boats, and residents armed up, even walling off neighborhoods

Here at CofCC we tracked down the actual “source” material that ABC News cites as their evidence that white “vigilante militias” shot black people. It is a piece written for ProPublica and picked up by the left-wing magazine The Nation. It states that a white illegal alien from Ireland, who has since been deported, told rescue workers on camera that he and his friends shot 38 looters. The men with the camera, two Asian security guards from Pennsylvania, filmed only one body. The body they filmed was covered with sheets and a tubular piece of sheet metal. Only the shoes are visible. The cause of death, or even the race of the body, can not be determined from the video. No effort has been made by the anti-white conspiracy theorists to track down the identity of the body.Article.

Oh, and that illegal alien from Ireland who says he helped shoot 38 people. In the video he is standing outside in broad daylight with a glass. He has no shirt on, no front teeth, and appears to be intoxicated. Source.

Other information on Katrina.

From Wikipedia…

In Texas, where more than 300,000 refugees were located, local officials ran 20,000 criminal background checks on the refugees, as well as on the relief workers helping them and people who opened up their homes. The background checks found that 45% of the refugees had a criminal record of some nature, and that 22% had a violent criminal record. The number of homicides in Houston from September 2005 through February 22, 2006 went up by 23% relative to the same period a year before; 29 of the 170 murders involved displaced Louisianans as a victim or as a suspect.

The Katrina Memory Hole.

Despite claims by black race hustlers that “most of the dead are poor blacks,” only 51% of Katrina victims were black in a city that was 68% black at the time. The single demographic that had by far the highest death rate was elderly white people over the age of 75. Only 2% of the dead were under 18. This is in stark contrast with the outlandish claims by professional black race hustlers. (Source)

After coroners had examined all the recovered bodies (hundreds washed out to sea and were never recovered), about three dozen were identified as “possible homicides.” As far as the staff at can tell, no one has ever been brought to justice for any murders in the aftermath of Katrina. Nor has anyone been prosecuted for shooting those who survived gunshot wounds.