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Actual political violence.

In Pittsburgh, actual left-wing thugs rioted, smashed store windows, and threw bottles at police during the G-20 summit.

At recent townhall meetings, left-wing thugs attacked elderly conservatives in several cities. In one attack, an elderly man’s finger was bitten off.

Yet the Obama controlled Justice department and professional left-wing fundraising hustles like the SPLC keep howling that we should be looking out for “right-wing violence.” Violence which has yet to materialize.

However, these same people look the other way and ignore actual left-wing violence.

Read About the latest SPLC alarm tactics in World Net Daily. Click Here.

More media hypocrisy on G-20 rioters from Newsbusted. Click Here.

Photos: Masked thugs with backpacks full of projectiles. Police were forced to use tear gas against stone and bottle throwing leftists. The scene looked more like the Gaza Strip than the USA. A variety of self-identified “Marxist” and “Anarchist” gangs called for “disrupting the G-20.” Some even posted announcements online with thinly veiled threats of violence.